Rules for Posting Builds!

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Rules for Posting Builds! Empty Rules for Posting Builds!

Post  Diesel Punk on Fri Oct 28, 2011 2:14 am

Alright to keep it simple:

Post Title: Must be in the order of Archetype: Primary/Secondary/Ancillary, and a small descriptor if desired.

Example: Brute: Stone/Fiery Aura/Soul Cheap Tankish

Post Contents

You must have a budget, end results like 'Has Perma-Hasten and 31% Smash/Lethal Defense' along with Incarnate Power suggestions, 'Was built to use Cardiac'

Also Only Post DATA CHUNKS no links. The Data Chunks are easier to work with in these forums and are neater. To do so, in Mids click 'Export' choose 'Long Forum Export' at the bottom of the window that pops up there are 3 boxes to export the Data Link, Data Chunk and something else, click the middle one and unclick the others. This will only copy the Data Chunk to the Clipboard. After hitting okay and getting back to the mains Mids Screen, hit ctrl + c to copy the chunk, then ctrl + v to paste it.

Please keep in mind these budget qualifiers: Cheap is under 1 billion inf, Mid is 5 billion or under, Pricey is anything over 5 bil. Obviously this is subject to change as the market evolves, but we will try to keep on top of that.

These rules and posting methods should make it much easier for everyone to search builds and appropriate budgets for them.

If anyone has any other suggestions on rules we should have for making things easier to peruse, PM me.
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